January 15, 2023

Ready to Learn

Passage: Romans 12:1-2

Ready to Learn

January 15, 2023




Jesus not only came to save but also to teach his followers a better way to live

Jesus challenged his disciples to understand and respond to the world in a different way

This better way—a blessed way—a way of wisdom that leads to true flourishing


KEY POINT: Different thinking enables different living


TEXT: Romans 12:1-2


The role of thinking

Thinking plays a vital role in human development and interaction: it is the filter through which we process our experiences in the world around us.


What Shapes our Thinking

Our experiences, education, examples, environment, entertainment, expectations, emotions, and ethos, profoundly shape the way we think and how we process our world.


The Corruption of Mind

Because of the fall, the mindset of humanity has been corrupted and distorted because of sin, profoundly impacting our capacity to think rightly.


Necessity of the Gospel to filter what shapes our thinking

Processing and evaluating our experiences, education, examples, environment, entertainment, expectations, emotions, and ethos in the presence of our loving and gracious Savior

Finding healing, forgiveness, hope, grace




Requires humility

If we know everything, we can learn nothing


Requires courage

Courage to confront our own stuff


Requires diligence

Effort to search for truth, to discover new ideas




Evaluating our thinking

Subjecting them to the counsel of God’s word in the presence of the Holy Spirit


Willingness to learn

Beginning in God’s Word
Listening in God’s community
Discovering in God’s world


RESPONSE: Lord, I’m ready to learn! Help me discover your path to flourishing!



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