The Basics of Prayer

The Basics of Prayer

January 12, 2014



Prayer: Fervent prayer has the power to shake up our world

  • Through prayer we have access to the Sovereign Lord
  • Prayer is an invitation for God to involve Himself in our world
  • Prayer impacts me disproportionately


Fervent prayer is not just one moment of intensity, but an ongoing aspect of our relationship with God

The Mission of Asbury Church: leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ who worship God enthusiastically, connect with the family of God regularly, grow in their faith consistently, serve others unselfishly and share their faith effectively

KEY POINT:  Prayer needs to be a part of our daily devotion to God


Text: Luke 11:1-13

Setting – Passage begins with Jesus praying

“Teach us to pray…”

Discipleship: following the pattern of the Master


  • Jesus expects His followers to prayer

“When you pray…”

Prayer provides a vital link between heaven and earth

There is no way we can be the people He has called us to be or accomplish the purpose He has given us apart from prayer

ASK…SEEK…KNOCK…  Present continuous tense


  • Jesus teaches that God is more willing to answer our prayers than we are to ask

Parable: if that’s what one is willing to do out of obligation, imagine what God will do for those He loves!

Not because I have to but because I get to


Bringing our expectation in line with our praying

“He who asks receives, he who seeks finds and to him who knocks the door will be open”


KEY POINT:  Prayer needs to be a part of our daily devotion to God


Learning from the model of Christ

Not a magic formula, but a form to help us pray well


Five Key Aspects to Effective Prayer


1.    Relating


Our approach to God is predicated on our new relationship with God through Christ Jesus – FATHER (ABBA)

Not formal but personal


Galatians 3:26-4:7  The Message


Worshipping Him for who He is and thanking Him for what He has done


2.    Revealing

“Your Kingdom come…”

Prayer is about discovering God’s way, His will

The Holy Spirit reveals God’s truth, His way


Interaction with God’s Word: praying the promises of God

Revelation is to bring realignment

Revelation without realignment results in rebellion


Surrendering of our agenda for His

Only in the center of His will will we discover the fullness of life we were create for


3.    Requesting

“Give us this day our daily bread…”

Opportunity to bring our needs before Him


Daily bread: sufficient for the day

Receiving His portion of grace for where we are at and what we are going through


4.    Releasing

“Forgive us our sins…”

To forgive is to release

Sin binds: keeps us from the fullness of His purpose for our lives

Hinders relationship with God and others

Allowing the Spirit to search our hearts (Ps. 139:23-24)

Confession (1 John 1:7)

“…as we forgive those who sin against us”

Forgiveness is releasing others from the debt that they owe us

Forgiveness is a decision

Forgiveness does not make a wrong right but seeks to right a wrong


5.    Resolving

“Lead us not into temptation…”

Commitment to honor Him, walk in His way

To resist temptation, to avoid evil


Determination: making decisions to honor Him


Let nothing come between You and me



KEY POINT:  Prayer needs to be a part of our daily devotion to God

  • Jesus expects His followers to prayer
  • Jesus teaches that God is more willing to answer our prayers than we are to ask


“The fervent, effective prayer of the righteous avails much…” James 5:16


The 21 Day Challenge:

Praying 21 Minutes for 21 Days

Setting aside time to connect with Christ


Relating: Worshipping Him – 4 Minutes

Revealing: Interacting with his Word – 6 Minutes

Requesting: Laying out your request – 4 minutes

Releasing: Dealing with sins – 4 minutes

Resolving: Commitments for the day – 3 minutes