August 2016

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego – Standing Tall

Faith enables us to stand where others are content to bow.

Daniel – Serving Faithfully

Where your treasure is there your Heart will be also!

Samson – Beyond Failure

Faith enables us to live beyond our faults and failures.

July 2016

Gideon – Learning to Trust

Trust is not manifest through inactivity, but through obedience

Joshua – Watching Walls Fall

Faith gives us the courage to confront impossible situations.

Created for a Purpose

If you want to dive into God’s purpose for your life, you have to be willing to get wet.

Finding Grace

We find grace when we follow His way.

June 2016

Enoch – Walking with God

Walking with God allows us to experience the reality of His presence in a dynamic way.


The desire of every child is for the Father’s blessing.

An Extraordinary Ordinary

Spirit inspired boldness allows ordinary people to experience an uncommon life.