October 2016

Getting Past Appearances

A Spirit-inspired walk with Jesus gives us confidence for the future “Getting Past Appearances” from The Mystery by Pastor Dave. Released: 2016.

Learning to Discern

Our ability to discern impacts our decisions and destiny. “Learning to Discern” from The Mystery by Pastor Dave. 

Measuring Up

Our lives are to be measured by the standard of His word rather than the standard of the world. “Measuring Up” from The Mystery by Pastor Dave. Released: 2016.

Facing Fears

An unwavering confidence in Jesus gives us the power to face and overcome our fears.

Unlocking Potential

The potential of a church is connected to its passion for the risen Christ.

September 2016

The Mystery


The Unexpected Jesus

Jesus invites us to experience true life as we follow Him.

David – The Next Generation

People of faith invest in the now and the next.

Rahab – Changing our Story

“Rahab – Changing our Story” from Heroes by Pastor Rachel.    Faith has the power to change our story.

August 2016

Joseph – Beyond the Now

Faith is willing to trust God to bring beauty out of today’s messes.